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Internet is an integral part of our life and life without internet cannot be imagined. With social networking emerging as our primary contact with society we purchase devices which are Wi-Fi capable and have these features. Multiple devices at your house requires a good Wi-Fi router.A router is a hardware and networking device which is designed to receive, analyze and move data packets along computer network. Technically, we can say router is a 3 layer device and it’s located at the gateway, the place where two or more networks are connected. Netgear is a leader in providing breakthrough technology in home as well as corporate Router networking needs. With Netgear ‘R’ series launched Netgear R8000 is considered as one of the most advance router in the market as present.


Netgear is an innovator of most advance routers in the market. Mostly Netgear routers are plug and play devices that means once the Netgear routers are plugged in right place and with right Ethernet connections they work flawlessly. But in some cases it does not work as a plug and paly device which means some advance settings are required to get it working with the Internet Service Provider Modem.
If you are facing the slow Internet issues, package drop or no response on browser, then the reason must be the miscommunication between Netgear Router and Modem.

Advanced setup of the router and making it work perfectly really requires the technical skills. You can face some issues like:

  • ArrowRightNot able to configure the router.
  • ArrowRightWire connection setup error.
  • ArrowRightFailed to add a new device on the wired network
  • ArrowRightWi-Fi is not working but Internet works wireless
  • ArrowRightFailed to connect to the computer
  • ArrowRightVery low Wi-Fi signal
  • ArrowRightWi-Fi signal not available.

Login Failures :-

  • ArrowRightNot able to login into
  • does not load after entering login information.
  • ArrowRightNetgear Genie page showing no response error on
  • ArrowRightNetgear Genie page opens up but does not detect an internet connection after login into .
  • ArrowRightError downloading Netgear Genie application after the setup is complete on
  • redirects to an ipaddress which is or
  • ArrowRightNo Ethernet cable detected on the router when opening

Issues opening the are most common issues while configuring a new Netgear router or reconfiguring an old Netgear Router.

What is is a web address to get the local access of your Netgear Router where you can make both basic and advance changes. These changes can be in the wireless settings or firmware upgrade everything is possible through It should be understood that we are specifically talking about Netgear routers because do not work on other routers i.e only triggers the netgear firmware. So if you have Netgear router can give you access to a place where you can customize settings according to your needs.

What can you do on ?

As we told you earlier opens up the settings dashboard of Netgear router which makes following changes possible:-

(Its advised to take technical supervision while accessing these functions on

  • ArrowRightIf you recently changed your ISP(internet service provider) you can simply run setup wizard to configure new connection.
  • ArrowRightSSID change and wireless password change can be done in the wireless settings.
  • also provide access to the attached devices on your network. So the intruders can be checked here.
  • ArrowRightFirmware upgrade can be done from inbuilt dashboard which is the most brilliant feature of Netgear regularly upgrade the firmware’s of their router to provide stability patches and security updates which can be done from Firmware Upgrade tab on dashboard.
  • ArrowRightPort Forwarding and Port Triggering can be done from the dashboard of by entering the port numbers and selecting the device from the list. This feature enables gaming devices, VOIP phones, multimedia devices and plenty of other services in your home network.
  • ArrowRightDMZ settings can be enabled. Some gaming devices like play station, Xbox and Nintendo require opening of multiple ports which is kind of complicated but makes it possible with just one click. Go to DMZ enable it put the ip address of the device and that’s it done!
  • ArrowRightMac cloning can be done for certain internet service providers from internet setting in


Now lets come to the main problem which most of us using Netgear routers face while opening The first and the most frustrating problem is web browser just keeps on spinning without opening up the page. This can be fixed by removing the cache and temporary files. The other problem is when your login information does not work while entering the username and password which can be fixed by calling the support number (1-800-280-0640) and giving them your model number and serial number.

Netgear WGR Router

Description:WGR series was one of the introductory series launched by Netgear in the b and g wireless standard. WGR router provides us an easy way to configure network with wired and wireless connections. It could provide us 54 Mbps speed over wireless. Ofcource RJ-45 Ethernet ports enabled for wired connections and communicate between net gear router networks. It has the double layer inbuilt security with WPA and 128-bit WEP encryption. The device dimantantion is 6.9 x 1.1 x 4.7 inches (WxHxD). Its support all the major operating systems and easy to configure with windows 8 and 10. Though Netgear calls WGR series as an end of life product which means Netgear no more manufacture and support this product. But in discussion with the online tech experts WGR still holds a good percentage of people using it till date without any problems. If you have WGR series router and you want to get the legend working again for you call on 1-800-280-0640 or just ask us to arrange a call back on Chat Rooms.

Netgear WNR Router

Description:WNR series was a huge landmark in Netgear’s home router series because in older WGR series there were just b and g standard which could give the connectivity speed up to 54mbs whereas the new WNR series started working on ‘N’ standard including the other two standards already working in its older brother. ‘N’ standard revolutionized the whole concept of fast internet and made data transfer between the computers hassle free by getting rid of annoying wires. Router’s were designed for the home environment and it provided the Push “N” Connect function. If your device can support the WPS (its WIFI protected setup) then you just need to press the WPS button to connect the system in the network. Its support the wireless configurations. WNR 1000 and WNR 2000 still dominates the list of cheap and high performance home routers till date.

Netgear WNDR Router

Description:Netgear WNDR routers are one the most exclusive router. WNDR Router series was not only a success for Netgear but it also opened a whole new concept of dual band home networking for other giants like Linksys, D-link and Belkin. WNDR series came as an huge success for Netgear and their flagship router WNDR3400 became an anthem for networking geeks and gaming enthusiasts. WNDR series progressed further with the minor upgrades on WNDR 3400 to WNDR 4500 and so on. The most important noticeable difference in WNDR series over its predecessors was the use of Netgear Genie application which customized the router user interface to more understandable GUI. Nowadays Netgear Genie has become the main dashboard for netgear products which ads more simplicity with both basic and advance functions. WNDR series provides you the facility to keep a dual band on the router and keep the uptime 100%. It has Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fitechnology. It has five Ethernet ports with One WLAN and 4 LAN Gigabit with auto sense technology with one sub port. Netgear WNR provides the high signal range with Live Parental Controls which allow you to keep your internet safe. Parental control was one of the very important options added into the WNDR series where working parents can set perimeters for their children, what to surf and what not to, with time bounding as well. Though the ‘Parental Control’ option was provided by Netgear in collaboration with OpenDNS which is a leader in DNS services and parental controls but it turned out to be good workaround for Netgear.

Netgear‘NIGHTHAWK’ Router

Description:Well with the launch of Netgear Nighthawk series one thing was for sure that Netgear was living up to its tag line i.e “Connect With Innovation”. Nighthawk series is not only visually appealing but its also a technological beast from inside. In early 2009 when wireless ‘n’ standards were introduced the tech enthusiast’s were thinking what’s next is this the end can we go further. Well yes all new AC standards have more to offer. Netgear R8000 claimed to be the fastest as well as most visually appealing router has proven to be a master class from home networking genius’s Netgear. Nighthawk series comes with Tri-Band Wi-Fi technology and its provide a strong connection between all your devices, including Laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, game consoles, music streamers, cameras – if it’s Wi-Fi enabled, it’s X6 accelerated. Netgear Nighthawk Router has unbeatable router speed 3.2GBPS, 3 Wi-Fi bands, Smart Connect intelligence, and Dynamic QoS. Net gear Provide the guarantee to keep your device connected with Wi-Fi with the best and optimized speed with USB 3.0 port offers high-speed, USB storage-ready access.


Description:We have a 24*7 365 days dedicated support for Netgear Routers. Router Login Support is a group of IT experts excelled in home and SOHO networking needs. The company is providing the excellent Netgear Router Login Support and was ranked second by Networking Geeks in providing quality services for NetgearRouters . The company have 65 certified experts for the instant help and provide the best Netgear router support keeping im mind the time frame to fix up the concerns.
The aim of the company is to provide the instance and best Netgear Router support to keep your business and home devices running without any interruptions. The Company has advanced diagnostic tools which help to keep the routers up and working. We provide support on all Netgear Routers, extenders and WIFI adapters.

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